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Find scholarships that accurately match eligibility and complete applications in less time!

Schools / Counselors

Save time and money by eliminating the need to mail out newsletters and create hard copies of applications.
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Create a less stressful experience for you and your child while motivating them to complete more applications.
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Scholarship Providers / Foundations

Increase the number of applicants while simplifying the review process.
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Making Scholarship Applications Easy!

They say time is one of the only things you can’t get back in life.

Growing up means learning how to manage your time. But instead of working against you, what if the system supported your growth and gifted you more time? Instead of filling in data forms, what if you could focus on that essay? You know, the one that reflects your goals, speaks to your passions and inspires your journey. It’s the one that legitimizes the next phase of your adult life. Planning helps. So do innovative tools.

At AppCentri, we build software programs designed to enhance your experience with streamlined processes that encourage a future full of possibilities.

We believe in a world with more time, and we are committed to creating that world for you.

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I was more motivated to fill out as many applications as I could. I found this to be very helpful and convenient. Without the website I would not have filled out as many applications. ..Josie, Student

It was easy to use so my son was willing to apply for scholarships. It makes those who may not be confident in writing or applying welcome. ..Kim, Parent

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