Products And Services

What you will receive with a subscription to Appcentri. 

Pricing is $10 per user per year. If you have over 500 students in your senior class, please contact us for pricing.

For Students:

  • Use our accurate search tools to find local and regional scholarship applications that match your interests and activities. Not just a link—the real application!
  • Organize and manage scholarship opportunities with our "My Applications" tool.
  • Create a personal online profile to record activities, honors, and other involvements as they happen.
  • With one click, generate a well formatted resumé.
  • Generate filled-out, ready-to-submit applications at the touch of a button. 
  • Open and fine-tune scholarship applications, pre-filled with your profile info.
  • Unlimited access to our "Essay Manager".
  • Quickly upload and safely store transcripts, reference letters and essays with your document manager.

    For Administrators:

    • Convert all Local scholarships to an online format.
    • Provide parents with online tools to facilitate and encourage their child's progress.
    • Monitor and encourage student progress.
    • Option to receive local or organization scholarship submissions electronically.
    • Option to provide scholarship reviewers online access to scholarship submissions to view and rank.
    • Provide students within your organization an easier way to apply for scholarships.
    • Provide parents the ability to view their child's progress and applications available.